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Toenail Fungus 

The Fungus is among us! I just had to! Onychomycosis is the fancy term for toenail fungus. It affects a substantial percentage of the population. Probably because the fungus is in our environment, reports claim that almost 20% of the population has it.

Toenail fungus is unsightly and can be quite painful. The nails that grow in thickness are usually discolored as well and can smell foul. Athletes foot infection can increase your risk as well as walking barefoot in communal places.

Let’s talk about some natural solutions:

  • Keep nails short.
  • File down the top of the nail if thickness has occurred.
  • Soak with Epsom salt and tea tree oil daily for 20 minutes.
  • Apply On Guard essential oil blend and Tea tree touch (diluted) alternating between the two. Cover with bandaid after application. Let air at night.
  • Apply Tea tree to shoes 1-2 drops 2-3 times a week. Treating your toenails without treating your shoes is a mistake. It’s easy to get reinfected.

Preventative measures:

Avoid cutting cuticles when getting pedicures and always make sure nail tools are sterile. If you paint your toenails frequently, make sure you allow for months of no polish.

Eat a diet that supports a healthy immune system. People with a weakened immune system are more susceptible to this infection, such as people with Diabetes.