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Sounds serious!? A neuroma is tumor-like but not an actual tumor. It’s a growth consisting of nerve tissue, creating a ball-like structure.

Symptoms include the feeling as if you’re walking on a pebble, which is relieved by taking off the shoe and massaging. It also presents with burning, tingling, and numbness, usually between the 3rd and 4th toes.

The symptoms can extend into the toes. Tight shoes that compress the metatarsal heads together can exasperate symptoms. Non-surgical treatment can eliminate symptoms.

Here are some natural ways to reduce symptoms:

  • Wear shoes with a wide-toe box. Narrow shoes compress metatarsals, which can aggravate the nerve.
  • Metatarsal pads. Metatarsal pads create splaying of the metatarsals, which creates less pressure on the neuroma and reduces pain.
  • Custom orthotics. Malalignment may be the cause of neuromas. Custom orthotics will realign the foot and can incorporate metatarsal pads and neuroma plugs. Over-the-counter arch supports with metatarsal pads are another option.
  • Essential oils: Copaiba, wintergreen, deep blue, frankincense.
  • Epsom salt and warm water soak help reduce inflammation.
  • Strengthen feet with yoga, toe and heel raise, and barefoot walking in safe areas.
  • Earthing. Placing your feet in direct contact with the earth or using an indoor earthing pad. Earthing is a natural way to decrease pain and inflammation.

Preventative measures:

Avoid wearing narrow shoes.