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Foundational Alignment

Our feet are our foundation. When they are out of alignment, problems can arise in the foot joints and the joints from the foot up. Your feet just may be the reason you’re having back, knee, and hip pain. Joint issues can also lead to muscle imbalance, causing additional pain and discomfort.

Align with me!

There are two ways we can improve the alignment of the feet: Strengthening and arch supports.

Strengthening the foot: The foot can move in three planes of motion. Wearing shoes limits movement to one plane, decreasing muscle use intern weakening the foot.

When the foot gets weak, the arch can collapse, making the foot come out of alignment. Barefoot exercises or exercises using safe socks (check out Great Soles!) is one answer. Yoga and Pilates are great for this purpose, as well as barefoot walking in safe places.


Foundation Support

Arch supports: The best option is custom orthotics, which place the subtalar joint in neutral, realigning the foot. Over-the-counter arch supports are the second-best option. I recommend firm devices to prevent the collapse of the device with body weight.