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Reflexology at The Organic Foot

Image of Reflexology practice at The Organic Foot

Rediscovering Reflexology

Have you ever had anyone massage your feet? I don’t know of too many people who aren’t in a state of euphoria during a fabulous foot rub. Now add an ancient therapeutic technique based on mapping the body on the bottom of the foot while also incorporating energy zones.

Reflexology was brought to light when applied pressure to a specific spot on the hand or ear caused anesthesia elsewhere in the body.  The theory is that all body parts, including organs, have reflex points on hands, feet, and ears.

The foot has thousands of nerve endings, more than any other area in the body. These nerves are constantly communicating with the brain. Reflexology also includes neurological stimulus between the skin and internal organs. This therapeutic touch reduces stress and anxiety, which in turn promotes health.

Get in Tune with Reflexology

In step with The Organic Foot, reflexology benefits the foot and our entire body from the foot up. Supporting us holistically; mind, body, and soul. There are countless testimonials regarding reflexology. If you haven’t elevated those feet and taken the plunge, I highly recommend you do; it will not disappoint!