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Walking barefoot on the beach, in the grass, or even in your garden can make you healthy. Here’s why. When we walk barefoot, we tap into the Earth’s natural electrical charge, which neutralizes us—helping combat free radicals.

Getting in Touch

Bring on the science! Our earth has electrical energy that has been shown through research studies to improve our health. We (human beings) are electrical beings!

All of our cells have an electrical charge or frequency. EKGs and EEGs check the electrical activity in the heart and brain, respectively. Now you have the idea!

Free Radical Influence

Free radicals and the constant bombardment of electromagnetics that we use are making us ill. Current research supports that by earthing or grounding, we reduce inflammation, improve immune response, improve wound healing, prevent chronic inflammation, and autoimmune diseases.

Grounding for Good

Most living things connect with the earth daily, which brings grounding benefits that regulate cortisol, improve sleep, decrease stress, and improve circulation, to name a few. The beauty of this treatment is that it’s SIMPLE and free.

So, take your shoes off and enjoy grass, dirt, sand, or concrete. You can also achieve the same benefits inside your home by using earthing or grounding products.

A cautionary note for people with Diabetes. When earthing, be extra careful that the surface is safe. Diabetes can decrease the feeling in the foot, which can lead to injury.