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Ingrown Toenails 

Oh, my aching toe! When the skin adjacent to the nail gets painful, red, and swollen, you may have an ingrown toenail. An infection often accompanies ingrown toenails, so it’s imperative NOT to ignore symptoms. Note, if there is pus present, you have an infection and should see a Podiatrist.

If symptoms start, here are some natural measures you can take:

  • Epsom salt soaks with warm water. After soaking, use a wooden nail stick and loosen any dirt present in the nail fold or under the nail plate.
  • Essential oils: 1 drop of Tea Tree can be applied daily using a cotton ball.
  • Keep the area clean. Covering with a bandaid or bandage is best when in shoes to avoid bacteria and fungus contamination.

Preventative measures:

Avoid tight shoes or shoes that are narrow in the toe box. Your shoes may be a contributing factor.

Avoid cutting nails down the sides. Cut straight across and around corners with a file. Keeping nails short is helpful.

*Ingrown nails usually need to be surgically removed, so if symptoms persist, see your Podiatrist.