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Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine

Throughout human history, plants have been at the forefront of medicine and are still paramount for healing worldwide. Ancient cultures turned to plants for cooking, bathing, and healthcare. A resurgence of plant power is here, opening up a new world of research and natural options to improve our health.

Essential oils

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that come from various parts of plants. They protect the plant from bacteria, fungi, and viruses and preserve vitality. Our bodies have similar building blocks as plants; these gifts of the earth are our natural medicine. The best place for topical application is the sole…

Plant Medicine
Plant Medicine

Join Our Team 

Our unique doTERRA distributing team combines my medical knowledge of 20 plus years which includes surgery, healthcare facilities, and private practice along with my husband’s 30 plus years in sales and operational management.

In our busy careers, we decided to partner with doTERRA because of their altruism, desire to empower the world (literally), the diligence in providing the highest grade essential oil on the market, and providing our personal family with the passive income we were looking for.

We know first hand the challenges families face today, raising 3 children of our own. We truly understand healthy choices change families and communities.  We are currently launching our Family Focus radio show with the aspirations of influencing families to become conscious of daily choices that directly impact a family unit, individuals, and society at large.  

We are a faith-based family (Sunday school teacher and Stephen Minister) and respect and honor all. We are a mission, focused team! TOGETHER WE RISE!

To rise above our current circumstances together in a supportive community by enhancing and empowering the lives of others with natural solutions centering on love, compassion and kindness.