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The build-up of uric acid crystals in joints can lead to an intensely painful condition known as Gout. The most common joint to be affected is the foot’s big toe joint but is not limited to this joint. Symptoms are a red, hot, and swollen joint that is so painful it even hurts when a sheet touches it. Gout can look similar to an infection, so when in doubt, get it checked out!

Here are some natural solutions for gout:

• Epsom salt soaks with warm water

• Tart cherry juice and cherries

• Consume coffee

• Apply Ice

• Anti-inflammatory foods

• Avoid foods that cause inflammation , such as simple carbohydrates.

• Essential oils: copaiba, lemongrass, wintergreen

• Avoid high purine meats (liver, veal bacon, turkey, sardines, muscles, scallops, trout)

• Limit alcohol consumption

Gout can be caused by under excreting uric acid or overproducing it. Identifying what your type is will be helpful. A uric acid blood test will confirm gout but will not be accurate during an acute gout attack.

Preventative measures:

Avoid high purine meats such as liver, veal bacon, turkey, sardines, muscles, scallops, and trout. Avoid foods that cause inflammation, such as simple carbohydrates.