The Power of Plant-Based Medicine

Plant-Based Medicine

Herbal and plant-based medicines have a long history. Plants are still the primary form of medicine in Indian, Asian, and some European cultures.
Science has recently discovered that these traditional Ayurvedic medicines have clinically proven benefits. Nature’s bounty is truly unique, and your backyard may be filled with plants that fight disease and strengthen your immunity.

Focus on Wellness

Herbal remedies do more than address symptoms. They help your body heal holistically. Most medicine focuses on curing the apparent symptoms of illness that come with many side effects. Plant-based medicine focuses on creating total health.
When your body is strong, it can resist diseases and reduce signs of aging.
We believe in total wellness as the start of a long, healthy life. Your feet don’t have to suffer from aches, pains, or deformities like bunions. A holistic approach to foot care means feet that are supple, strong, and able to move freely through your life, creating the structural foundation that keeps us active.

Plants Are Potent

Some people believe that plant-based remedies are less effective than other medicinal approaches, but nothing could be further from the truth. As clinical trials have shown, their effectiveness is just as potent as synthetic pharmaceuticals minus the side effects.
Whether you are treating depression, anxiety, chronic inflammation, arthritis, or foot problems, a plant-based approach will work for you. Best of all, it will enhance your immunity and strengthen your whole body.

Use Plants in Many Ways

The best part about plant-based health is how easy it is to incorporate it into your everyday life. Some herbs and plants can be eaten or made into a healthful, delicious drink. These include mints, lemon balm, dandelion leaves, lavender, and basil.
You can also use the compounds from healing plants in powders, oils, tinctures, and compresses that you apply to your skin. Absorption through the skin is one of the quickest ways to get the benefits of herbal treatment.
Researchers have identified thousands of healing compounds in medicinal plants. The teachings of ancient Chinese, Indian, African, and other ancient therapeutic cultures have shown that these compounds work as well as chemical medicines without the dangerous side effects.

Essential Oils

At the Organic Foot, we stress holistic care involving all our sensory and emotional pathways. Essential oils are an effortless way to activate your senses. They provide powerful healing through aromatherapy, topical application, and internal use.
Because of its direct pathway to the limbic system in the brain, aromatherapy is a proven way to lift spirits, calm your mind, and improve your focus.
We apply essential oils to the sole for the best results. The healing properties of the oils enter the skin quickly. They are not seen as foreign and slide directly through membranes. They provide a gentle way to enhance foot health. We can help you choose essential oils that counter the effects of illness, medicine, and environmental toxins.

Learn More at the Organic Foot

At the Organic Foot, we make plant-based medicine one of our five pillars of good foot health. We focus on a whole-body approach to your feet when you work with us. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of organic foot care, read “Natural Solutions to Common Foot Problems “ by Dr. Dawn Olsen Figlo.