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Walk with me as I share my wisdom about the foot.


The foot as our physical foundation and gateway to healing.


Restore balance to the mind and body using natural solutions.

Dr. Dawn Olsen Figlo

A little bit about me: I’m Dr. Dawn Olsen Figlo, a 20 plus year veteran Podiatrist and Foot Surgeon who believes in empowering individuals with transformative natural solutions that focus on the foot.

My journey into the natural realm of care began after years of practice when I realized the “root” of common foot problems and discovered that the natural solutions I offer generate overall well-being.

Health and happiness are the results of The Organic Footpath. I invite YOU to walk with me and explore natural, ancient, and eastern medicinal practices. Often we need to look back to heal the present and look down to heal our way up.

Sole Healing 

As I write, I practice what I preach. Under my desk is my foot bath with warm water, Epsom salt, and essential oils. What a way to bring pleasure to a task! As it turns out, folks, the foot is a conduit of overall healing.

There is no mistake that with as much as 200,000 nerve endings per sole and 250,000 sweat glands per pair, our feet are more than the wheels that carry us from place to place. Anatomy is no accident! The foot is designed for balancing the mind, body, and soul. Explore how.



Holistic medicine has always been my thing! Treating isolated body parts never results in comprehensive healing. Understanding the mind-body relationship expands treatment options that are impactful beyond measure. My treatments are lifestyle changers! They focus on nature and the power of your body’s ability to self-correct.

Diabetes: Beautiful people with diabetes deserve lifesaving information and care. The good news is we have the answers! Wherever you are, your journey has just begun. Walk this way and learn more.

Ask Dr. Dawn

The self healthcare revolution is here to stay! We can take our health and wellness into our own hands. Let me share with you the priceless knowledge that will empower you and the ones you love. It’s right to begin learning self-care. It’s right to start to self-heal. It’s right to explore organic natural options. It’s right to share your experiences with others. It’s right to be here!